Leon Adriaans : Painter/Farmer

~ 03-03-2019 ~

 Leon Adriaans, Woman's Legs, 1987, oil on cardboard, 30 x 40 cm     

We first came across the works of Leon Adriaans, a native from Brabant, in Friesland. His work resonates upnorth. and has been exhibited widely by famed Northern gallerist such as Albert Waalkens, Thom Mercuur and Steven Sterk. 

Adriaans was a painting farmer, and a farming painter. Actually, he was both at the same time so let's settle with Painter/Farmer. His love for horses, chicken, goats, pigeons is not only visible in the paintings, but also apparent in the materials on which he painted: cheap wood, but also on sailcloth and animal feed bags.

We collected various works: next to paintings we also acquired a little chair that is very dear to us.

Check this upcoming exhibition: Terug in de tijd op papier, bij galerie De Zaal (opent 12 maart)