Johannes Steendam: Oilfields

~ 03-03-2019 ~

Johannes Steendam paints with motor oil on heavy paper, creating landscapes that get under your skin, like the oil that gets soaked in the paper. 

Recently, we got tipped of by Marita de Jong, a dear friend of us, who lives in Friesland. She sent us a rave review that had appeared in the Leeuwarde Courant, written by Susan van den Berg, about an exhibition at Galerie Loof in Jubbega. The title of the review triggered us: Endless Oilfields. And the notification of Evert de Graaf, whose estate we handle, in close collaboration with Evert's sister Elly. 

The oilfields turned out to be works on paper by Rotterdam based (but born upnorth) artist Johannes Steendam. Monumental works, and as Susan wrote: size did not matter, as a viewer you can 'disappear' in all the works. 

That's exactly why we bought the biggest work in the exhibition (273 cm x 150 cm, on the right), alongside a small work (28 cm x 35 cm, below).


There's Turner, there's Rothko, there's De Graaf, but most of all, there's Johannes Steendam!